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We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Utility Aid, the UK’s largest energy broker in the not-for-profit sector. As well as their size, Utility Aid are also highly regarded in their industry, winning the UK’s Most Trusted Energy Broker in 2018.


They are a business that is dedicated to ethical energy provision and ensuring their clients get the best possible value from their energy contracts. They understand that the less money not-for-profit organisations use to pay for their energy, the more money they have to provide the front-line services they offer. 

As well as sourcing new energy contracts, Utility Aid are experts at auditing historic bills and can often recoup significant overspend for the organisations they work with. Across their portfolio of clients that have recovered over £2 million in overspend in the past 4 years alone. This audit service is provided by the Bureau Team to any organisation that gets in touch with their dedicated Account manager.


Their CEO, Giles Hankinson, is passionate about helping not-for-profit organisations: “Supporting organisations that need it the most is not only what we do, it’s also a privilege we take incredibly seriously. If we can help reduce cost, and even recoup money from previous energy contracts, it means more money for where it really matters, helping people on the front line. We’re thrilled to be working with Kent Scouts and can’t wait to help them and their Scout Groups make the most of their energy contracts.”

In addition Kent Scouts are working with Utility-Aid to create a youth led, action for change, sustainability development programme.


If you’d like to find out more, click here today. We would encourage you to do that and take them up on the offer of a free energy audit, there is a real chance that you may have overpaid for energy in the past and they will get that back for you.


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Why Utility-Aid

Utility-Aid are not only committed to helping Groups save money, they are committed to supporting the positive impact Groups and Sections can have on the environment through engaging in sustainable projects. Working together Kent Scouts and Utility-Aid are raising awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and designing a Kent Scouts programme for change.

This video highlights the ethos of Utility-Aid and how they may be able to help your Group.


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Advisory Board

Utility Aid is proud to be the only energy broker in the UK that employs an Independent Advisory Panel. The panel is there for the benefit of customers requiring advisory services relating to a range of topics including Ethics, Regulation, Lobbying, Trading, Volume Purchasing, Fixed and Flexible products